A majority of our representation involves general contractors and sub-contractors. However, this makes us uniquely positioned to handle valid Homeowner claims.

We believe we are able to efficiently help homeowners because we have a different point of view than most attorneys who only represent homeowners. Such representation can often lead to a too narrow of focus that can result in bad advice to a homeowner. Day to day we see all manner of disputes from both sides so we try and use that knowledge to resolve the disputes as quickly as possible. Because we understand the laws the builders are to follow, we can help protect homeowners from the beginning by reviewing and negotiating their contracts to be more realistic for both parties and thereby helping mediate any disputes that come up between the builder and the homeowner. In the end, most disputes are often communication issues that can be resolved with a person that knows the residential building industry and can work with both sides as a facilitator to resolve the dispute.

We are able to help homeowners with:

  • Construction contract review and negotiation
  • Builder/contractor disputes
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Construction defects
  • Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA) process
  • Retainage or trapped fund claims

Construction projects are always stressful and sometimes it can escalate smaller issues and lead them into larger issues. Taking the step of hiring an attorney may be a big one but sometimes a third party can help stop the breakdown of the process while helping make sure the Homeowner is protected and the builder is following their duties under the Property Code, or just help ease homeowner fears.


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