Margie is yet another new face at KMDA. She joined us in March of 2022 with almost a decade of construction experience. Margie and Kelly met in 2014 while Margie was working as an HR & Insurance Administrator for a large, multi-family construction framing company. Given her extensive, real life, experience handling day to day legal issues in a construction setting, she was hired as a Legal Assistant directly under Kelly.

Margie’s career goals were fulfilled when her love of the law and her love for helping people finally came together as she started with KMDA. She does much of the essential legal assistant work needed at KMDA. She also is the one that would have the most client contact during any litigation case. Not only has she been a loyal, remarkable assistant to Kelly, but it was quickly evident that Margie’s true strength involves assisting the clients with their more detailed needs.  Margie states that the “truly most enjoyable part of her job is communicating with the clients and attending court with Kelly assisting with hearings and trials.”  She also finds it important to simply provide a “sympathetic ear when a client is distressed or anxious.”

Margie is a native Lewisville, Texas girl, like Kelly, through and through. She has five children and five precious grandchildren whom she calls the “her most precious gifts from God.”

When Margie is not spending time with her grandkids, she enjoys attending performing arts shows and reading books on theology and psychology.

Her past Community Involvements are Keep Lewisville Beautiful (KLB) and Church volunteering.


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