Local Counsel

Are you an out of state law firm representing a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier that is doing work in Texas?

Kelly M. Davis & Associates, LLC is experienced in handling the legal needs for construction clients in Texas. Our firm has 13 years’ experience in the District, County and Federal bankruptcy courts of Texas. We are capable of handling any of your construction, mechanic’s lien, or real estate needs.

Do you have a construction matter in Texas in which you need special support? KMDA often assists non-construction attorneys with mechanic’s liens, payment claims, delay claims, defect claims, and/or trust fund actions. This support can be in the form of assistance with the matter or handling the client or case entirely.

How does this help you? If you are a small or solo firm, you can compete with some of the larger firms by not having to turn away clients that need assistance in Texas. Whether it be as co-counsel or on a contract basis, where we bill you directly for you to then pass on the cost to your client, it is a “win win” situation for you and your client!

Do you want the assurance that you can refer a client for a Texas matter without having the client move all business to another, competing firm? KMDA can help. KMDA will respect your relationship with your client and we promise not to solicit work from your clients. We also promise to make you look good by providing your client with quality services at a reasonable price.

If you are not local to the Dallas / Fort Worth area or are an out of state law firm handling the legal needs for a construction client who is working in the State of Texas, feel free to contact us. Kelly would love to talk with you to see how our Firm could assist you with your client’s needs.