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Kelly M. Davis is the owner of Kelly M. Davis & Associates, LLC. She grew up around the construction industry and knew once she opened her practice she would help construction related businesses.

Protecting Yourself with a Simple Google Search

Unfortunately, in all industries there are a few bad apples out there that spoil the bunch and construction is no different (keep the bad lawyer jokes to a minimum here please).   When the market had a down turn in 2009, I unfortunately was front row to witness the destruction it had on some businesses.  Some of them were just hard working people caught up in a bad economy, but there were others who were doing unscrupulous things which were exposed when the economy turned.   I had dealings with one specific person who owed multiple, well actually a better description would be countless, people money because he had been robbing Peter to pay Paul for a long time.

In this instance, we had finally ceased our collection efforts because it was just costing my client too much money and it didn’t look like we would ever see a dime of any money that had ever been given to this person.  I had even received calls from the FBI office questioning me about my knowledge of this person.  Later, I heard he was charged criminally for his actions and was actually in prison. This was back in 2009/2010.

So it surprised me when, in 2012, his name popped back up and it again involved yet another client losing money.  Had a simple Google search been performed on this person prior to entering into a contract and giving him money, my client(s) would have easily seen this was someone they would not want to trust.

To show you what I am referring to, look at the Google search that was recently done on this individual:

 Google Search to Protect Yourself

While I agree it is probably rarely this obvious, if you’re going to do business with someone new that you have never had any dealings with I would recommend doing at least a rudimentary search to see if you see any glaring issues.   Please refer to one of my previous blog searches, http://www.kmdalegal.com/general-business/mechanics-lien-research-to-protect-yourself/, to determine how more extensive research can be performed.

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