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Kelly M. Davis is the owner of Kelly M. Davis & Associates, LLC. She grew up around the construction industry and knew once she opened her practice she would help construction related businesses.

Does Your Work Meet the Requirements for a Mechanic’s Lien?

Every month, I get emails from various contractors wanting to lien a residential or commercial property. The problem is that not all work performed at a residence or building or on a property entitles the person to a mechanic’s lien pursuant to the Texas Property Code

To meet the definition, the work performed must be considered to be a fixture or financial benefit to increase the value of real property. For example, dental equipment, dish satellites, lawn mowing, property security, etc. would not increase the value of the property. Lawn mowing simply helps the aesthetic appeal of the property, property security provides a benefit to the owner and perhaps the contents within the property, and dental equipment is a benefit to the dentist but certainly not the property. Now, if sod had been planted or security cameras had been added, that would have improved the value of the property.

In these situations, the most the person would have would be a right to collect the monies due through civil litigation such as a demand letter or through small claims court.

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